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This 60 minute course gives an overview of the regulatory definition of pests, pesticides and their uses; gives some guidelines on how to recognize, diagnose and manage commonly encountered pesticide illnesses and scenarios; presents other types of pesticides and their use; and presents reporting requirements for medical providers and their staff. 

The California Medical Supervision Program is a cholinesterase monitoring surveillance program designed to protect certain pesticide handlers who work with the more toxic cholinesterase inhibiting pesticides. This course has been designed for physicians who are or want to become Medical Supervisors in the Program, however, other health care providers such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants who participate in the Program will also find this course useful. This updated course will explain what the Program is and include information on which workers to monitor, how to monitor them, when to remove them from working with these pesticides, and when to allow them to resume their work duties. Importantly, the new legal requirements of the Medical Supervisors in this Program set forth in the Health and Safety Code Section 105206 enacted in 2017 are also included in this course.